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Franco-German show [Aug. 3rd, 2008|04:29 pm]

...with a Swiss dude and reggae singers thrown in for good measure.

This is the return of Yo La La!, the English-language French hip-hop podcast.

Direct link to the mp3

Yo La La! The French Rap Podcast is 2 years old [Mar. 29th, 2007|01:02 pm]
That's right, exactly 2 years ago I uploaded my first show about French hip-hop culture and rap in particular. Sound quality was horrendous, I had no idea where it would take me, but I'm glad I kept doing it and haven't missed a monthly show in 2 years' time.

A big thank you to Yo La La! listeners and a big welcome to anyone who may be interested in "le 'ip-'op".

The last two shows are about French female rappers (classics and rookies) and the next one will be about French rappers' coverage of the upcoming presidential election.

For more info, check out http://www.yolala.org.

(no subject) [Aug. 3rd, 2006|10:59 am]
All shows can downloaded here or podcaught here

Yo La La ! #17 : Eurolatinos

Yo La La! en español! Connections between francophone and hispanophone rappers as well as some plain, simple weirdness.

* "El Original" is from Rocca?'s "Elevaciòn" album.
* "Hijo de Latino" is from Sens Unik?'s "Panorama" album.
* "Mina Hundar" is from Fattaru's "Fatta Held" album
* "537 C.U.B.A." and "Orishas Llego" are from Orishas?'s first album, "A Lo Cubano".
* "Le P.I.M.P. en rose", by yours truly, is a mashup of 50cent's PIMP, Grace Jone's cover of Edith Piaf's "La vie en rose", with an intro of the original and speaksinging by Marlene Dietrich.

Yo La La ! #16 : Le Klub des 7

Back to real French rap with Klub des 7, a combination of rappers from various bands that I like. When l'Atelier was very electronic, Klub des 7 is jazz-rock oriented due to Fuzati's influence. I saw them live so this show also features some concert reviews. International guest track of the month is from Brazil.

* "Juste pour le kiff" is from ATK's compilation, Oxygene Vol. 1.
* "Ca sert à rien" is from Svinkels' second album, Bons pour l'asile.
* "Baise les gens" is from Klub des Loosers' debut album, Vive la vie.
* "Le parapluie", "La réunion secrète" and "Juju" are from Klub des 7's album Le Klub des 7.
* "Gueto" is from Marcelo D2 album Meu Samba E Assim.

Yo La La ! #15 : Southern Comfort

Not-quite-rap tracks from the French "Dirty South", featuring ragga-reggae-ska and whatnot. No need for an international guest track of the month when one of the song contains lyrics in Occitan!

* "Elles ont des pilotis" and "Pauvres de nous" are from Massilia Sound System last album, 3968CR13.
* "Ma ville est le plus beau park" by Fabulous Trobadors.
* Zebda tracks include "La bague à Danièle" from L'arène des rumeurs, Je crois que ça va pas être possible is from Essence ordinaire, Le bruit et l'odeur is from Le bruit et l'odeur, and "J'y suis j'y reste" is from Utopie d'occase.

Yo La La ! #14 : The Drug Show

French rappers cover everything from crack to cocaine, heroin, weed and booze. International guests of the months are from the Netherlands and the USA.

* "Autopsie" by Ministere A.M.E.R. is from their second album, 95200.
* "Weekend à Meda" by Octobre Rouge is from their album "24 sur 7".
* "C-real killer" by Svinkels is from their second album Tapis rouge and "Happy hour" from their third album Bons pour l'asile.

International guest tracks for the month are

* "Quitting smoking song" is by Princess Superstar from the USA.
* Buitenbad is produced by Kubus, featuring Rico from Opgezwolle, a Dutch band.

Yo La La ! #13 : Conscious Lyrics

In the good ol'tradition of smart and political French rap lyrics, check out these songs about the media, the French fascist party, crime and the French welfare system.

Here is the track listing for this show:

* "A qui profite le crime" and "La France" by Les Specialistes is from their 2005 album, "Reality Show".
* "Plus jamais ça" by Supreme NTM is from their third album "Paris sous les bombes".
* "Marine" by Diam's is from her latest album, Dans ma bulle.
* "Le meme sang" by Diam's and Sinik is from his debut album, La main sur le coeur
* "Y a pas d'mérite" by Sniper is from their second album, Grave dans roche.

Yo La La ! #12 : The Anniversary Show

It's been a year! A big thank you to listeners of Yo La La ! around the world, with plenty of funny songs.

Here is the track listing for this show:

* "Me revoilà", by Diam's is from her latest album, Dans ma bulle.
* "Quand je serais grand", played especially for Yo La La! listener Mark Hunter, is from Fabe's 1999 album Détournement de son.
* "C'est ton destin" and "Auteuil Neuilly Passy" are rap spoofs by French comedians "Les inconnus".
* "MC Lagaf'" can be found on Disiz la peste's debut album, Le poisson rouge
* "L'affaire hot-dog" is the final track on ATK's second album, "Heptagone".

Yo La La! #11 : The Rock Show [Feb. 11th, 2006|12:45 pm]
To download this show manually, right-click: http://www.yolala.org/shows/YoLaLa11TheRockShow.mp3

Keyboards and computers are thrown out of the window as electric guitars take over your favorite French Rap podcast.

Next month is the anniversary show! Send your comments, Yo La La! stories and suggestions as emails and/or .mp3 or .wav files to thomasINSERTATHEREyolalaINSERTDOTHEREorg.

Yo La La! was mentioned in the Humanist News Network podcast, along with a great interview on French rap and the November riots. In a time when cartoons can lead to deaths, the world really needs some secular humanism.

Here is the track listing for this show:

* "Flirt avec le meurtre", by Ministere A.M.E.R. is from their second album, 95200.
* "Dangereuse Liaison" by Rockin'Squat from Assassin with backing music from Jimmi Hendrix. It's from Doc Gyneco's compilation Liaisons Dangereuses.
* "Reveille le punk" is from Svinkels' Tapis Rouge album.
* "Revolution", featuring Mass Hysteria, is from La Brigade "Il etait une fois" album.
* "Govedina" is from Beogradski Sindikat 2002 album, "BSSST...Tišinčina".
* "C'est grave" is from Freko Ding' 2003 EP "Mangeur de pierre... 4 ans plus tard".
* "Antisocial/Qu'est-ce qu'on attend" is Trust/Supreme NTM mashup by Loo & Placido

(no subject) [Jan. 12th, 2006|11:38 am]
Yo La La ! #10 : La Caution


We're closing the experimental french rap chapter with this special on La Caution, a band that will use anything from electronica to acoustic guitar to back their often crazy lyrics.

Here is the track listing for this show:

* "Pollutions", by L'Armee des Douze is from TTC's first album, "Ceci n'est pas un disque".
* "J'plante le décor" and "Aquaplanning" are from La Caution's first album "Asphalte Hurlante".
* "Antimuse", "Thé à la menthe" and "Faut-il" are from La Caution's second album "Peine de maures/Arc-en-ciel pour daltoniens".
* International guest track of the month is TKO from Tokyo, Japan. More on this here. Thanks to Gareth-Michael Skarka of Adamant Entertainment for the tip.

Yo La La ! #9 : TTC


After tracks from a mixtape and a EP, discover songs from the wacky Frenchies' two albums.

Here is the track listing for this show:

* "Ska shki, shki", is the international guest track of the month, performed by Presioni, a rap band from Kosovo.
* "Nonscience", "De pauvres riches", "Elémentaire" and "Teste Ta Compréhension" are from TTC's first album, "Ceci n'est pas un disque".
* "Dans le club" and "Le chant des hommes" are from TTC's second album, "Bâtards sensibles".

For an american perspective on French rappers and riots, check this out: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5052650&ft=1&f=1004

Yo La La ! #8 : Future of French Hip-Hop

Apologies for the late show. Nothing to do with the riots in France but producing while on the road is tricky. Strictly recent artists, from my brother in-law to Belgian rappers.

Here is the track listing for this show:

* "Histoire d'un soir", is from 3e Basse's first compilation, "Opus Eclectik".
* "Soixante-dix ou septante", featuring Belgian band Starflam is from La Caution's first album "Asphalte Hurlante".
* "Helium Liquide" is from L'Armee des Douze's first album, "Cadavre Exquis".
* "Leguman" is from TTC's EP "Elementaire".
* "Association 2 gens normal" by TTC and Svinkels is from the "Quality Streetz" mixtape.
* "Le hip-hop c'est mon pote" is from L'Atelier's first album, "Buffet des Anciens Eleves".
* "Dead hip-hop" is from Klub des Loosers's first album, "Vive la vie".

Yo La La ! #7 : Going Solo

Songs by members of Supreme NTM and IAM, decide for yourself if you liked them better when they are together with their other rapping buddies. International guest track of the month is Swiss!

Here is the track listing for this show:

* "On a enfoncé des portes", is from Kool Shen's first and last solo album, "Dernier round".
* "C'est ca mon frêre" is from Akhenaton's second solo album "Sol Invictus".
* "L.E.F." is from Shurik'n's first solo album, "Ou je vis".
* "La légende des deux lames" is from Shurik'n and Faf Larage's duo album "La garde".
* "Helvetic Park" is from Sens Unik's album "Pole Position"
* "Teknishun", featuring Lino from Arsenik is from Akhenaton's "Sol Invictus".

(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2005|01:22 pm]

Yo La La ! #6 : IAM

To download this show manually, right-click here

Back from vacation and sickness, this IAM special is a bit late. As I feature the best rap band from the South of France, my thoughts go to people in the South of the USA. Hang in there, we've sent help. And next time you vote, remember where this administration spent your tax money and how it treats its poor.

Here is the track listing for this show:

  • "Kheops appartient à l'horizon", "De la planète Mars" and "Tam-tams de l'afrique" are from their 1991 debut album, "De la planète Mars"
  • "Donne moi le micro" was first released in an EP and was re-issued in their latest "Anthologie"
  • J'aurais pu croire and "Je danse le mia" are from their second album "Ombre est lumière". The radio version featured in this show is from the 1995 single-volume re-issue of this album.
  • "L'empire du côté obscur"'s original version is from "L'école du micro d'argent". This version is a bootleg most likely recorded from a radio station.
  • "Noble art", featuring Method Man and Redman is from their latest album "Revoir un printemps"

Yo La La ! #5 : Supreme NTM [Aug. 3rd, 2005|11:05 am]
The Supreme NTM special! Old and new tracks from the original French motherfuckers, with a Québecois guest track, tabarnak!


Here is the track listing for this show:

  • Authentik, Le monde de demain and Freestyle are from their 1990 debut album, Authentik
  • J'appuie sur la gachette is from their second album, "1993, j'appuie sur la gachette". You can buy it here
  • Qu'est-ce qu'on attend? is from their third album "Paris sous les bombes".
  • Libérez nous des libéraux is the international guest track of the month by Québecois band Loco Locass
  • Seine Saint-Denis Style is from Supreme NTM's 2000 live album

Yo La La ! #4 : Tribute to Coverville [Jul. 9th, 2005|02:08 pm]
This show is dedicated to Brian Ibbott, host of http://www.coverville.com, the amazing cover show that got me into podcasting.


Here is the track listing for this show:

* Saian Supa Crew's "Marche à l'ombre" is from "Hexagone 2001", a French rap cover album of songs by Renaud.

* G Kill's "Je m'voyais déjà" was originally performed by Charles Aznavour. It's available on the French classics covered by French rappers compilation "L'Hip-hopée".

* Oxmo Puccino's "Ces gens-là" was originally performed by Jacques Brel. It's available on the French classics covered by French rappers compilation "L'Hip-hopée".

* The Croatian comedian/fishermen cover of Eminem's "Without me" was ripped from a Radio Split broadcast in Croatia. Good luck to find it in record form.

* The ultra-long cover of randmaster Flash's "The Message" features 22 artists including Diam's, Kool Shen, Black Renega. It is part of "Savoir et vivre ensemble" a project started by Kery James to finance the construction of a muslim charity building as well as a non-profit association helping handicapped people.

Sex, love and romance - French style! [Jun. 1st, 2005|04:33 pm]
It's Oh l'amour, aka the third episode of Yo La La !



Yo La La #2 : Urban Guerrilla [Apr. 28th, 2005|05:13 pm]
The April show arrives just in time, with crappy microphone sound but excellent tracks about fighting cops in the streets (Stomy Bugsy and Passi from Ministère A.M.E.R.), insulting them (Suprême NTM and Raggasonic), playing gangstas (Lunatic) and maybe finding a smarter way out of this whole mess (Sniper).

International guest of the month is H-Kayne, thanks to lifelines

To suscribe to Yo La La !, use the following address: http://www.yolala.org/yolala.xml

To download the latest show manually, right-click here. http://www.yolala.org/shows/YoLaLa2UrbanGuerrilla.mp3

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